How we work

The art of software development requires balancing innovation, creativity and software engineering. This is a balance that Blue Star Software has been performing for more than 15 years now with excellent results.

The technologies used are continuously updated through courses and insights to keep Blue Star Software in step with the times and ready for any upcoming challenge they may face.

The application of the latest technologies must be accompanied by a sufficiently light, flexible project management philosophy, such as Agile development. Blue Star Software follows the paradigms made available by this type of philosophy and in this way it is always possible to make the most of the potential of the revolution in the world of software development, guaranteeing countless advantages for final customers. This includes greater involvement in order to better manage the direction and evolution of the project and its implementation.


Our software consultancy stands out for its in-depth expertise in guiding complex projects to success.

Our team of experts includes key roles such as the Project Manager, responsible for the flawless planning and execution of the project. The crucial role of the Scrum Master translates into the implementation of agile methodologies, ensuring flexible and results-oriented management.

Our Business Analysts analyze and translate client needs into clear and concrete requirements, playing an essential role in defining the development path. Lastly, our highly qualified Developers are the beating heart of the process, transforming ideas into innovative and high-quality software solutions.

With such a diverse and highly specialized team, we are ready to overcome the most challenging hurdles in the software world.


Our project-based work in the software field is built on a robust agile methodology, allowing us to adapt quickly to changes and deliver innovative solutions.

The first phase, analysis, enables us to thoroughly understand the client’s requirements. This is followed by the quoting phase, where we establish the planning and budget. The heart of the process is the development phase, where our experts transform ideas into tangible solutions. Rigorous testing ensures product quality before deployment.

Finally, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure optimal long-term performance. With this approach, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


Our company excels in mastering cutting-edge software technologies, encompassing a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, and platforms. With this expertise, we deliver innovative and customized solutions that fully meet the needs of our clients.

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Successful stories

From groundbreaking innovations to customized solutions, each story highlights our commitment to excellence and our ability to achieve significant results for our clients.


We believe that the satisfaction of our customers is the best proof. Over 80% of our current customers have been with us for at least 5 years. Two out of three collaborations are international.

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