MedSolution is a tailor-made, authentic solution in the medical field, developed with .NET and Razor to generate HTML pages directly from the server. It is a web application designed specifically to schedule appointments for medical infusions, such as chemotherapy administrations.

This system offers a comprehensive view, allowing them access to appointment availability. Using a targeted algorithm akin to a calendar, it manages bookings, automatically finding and allocating days and times for appointments, thus simplifying therapy scheduling.

In addition to managing bookings, the software includes a section dedicated to medication records, locations, patients, and other relevant information. It is a tool exclusively designed for medical personnel, ensuring maximum security and privacy of sensitive patient data.

The product’s flexibility extends to hospital unit configurations. The system can be customized to meet the specific needs of each facility, ensuring a perfect fit for various hospital settings.

MedSolution emerges as an essential resource in the medical sector, providing an intuitive and efficient platform for managing medical appointments and detailed organization of patient information and their treatments.

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