PsiPro is an advanced web platform developed using Angular 11 and .NET 6 in a code-first mode. Specifically designed for psychology professionals, it represents a comprehensive software solution that facilitates insurance policy enrollment, user management, and provides an intuitive portal suitable for everyone.

The software simplifies the process of enrolling in insurance policies, providing system administrators with the ability to configure policies, durations, and prices.

One of PsiPro’s distinctive features is its dynamic system that allows administrators to apply discounts to policies for the benefit of users. With authority assigned to national-level management, site administrators have the power to manage and strategically allocate discounts. Additionally, it includes the capability to easily aggregate policies and users, ensuring a clear overview of all related entities.

This sophisticated software by Blue Star Software stands as a success story for its ability to harmonize insurance policies, user management, and discount allocation within an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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