The NAVHOTEL project represents an unprecedented venture in analysis and development, focusing on creating an innovative system for managing a ship as a true floating hotel, designed for specific events. The primary focus has been on ensuring ease of use for operators, guaranteeing an intuitive and seamless experience.

This system, hosted on a Microsoft platform, is based on a .NET 4.5 framework with an MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, enriched with HTML5 technologies and extensive use of Jquery and SVG for a superior visual and interactive experience.

Currently operational on 8 ships, this system efficiently and comprehensively manages onboard events, providing operators with a synoptic view of the ship’s occupancy. Through web interface pages, users can explore in detail each deck of the ship, allowing for a drill-down that reveals every relevant aspect for optimal event management.

This project represents a leap forward in the maritime industry, transforming ships into versatile event platforms. It offers a comprehensive and user-friendly system tailored to the specific needs of each event, ensuring detailed control over every aspect of onboard management.

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