The project was initiated for an important exhibition event for sailing and motor boats.

For the project, Blue Star Software has designed and developed software for event management.

The software, with a CAD-style interface, offers a suite of tools thanks to which the organizers can create the SVG map of the event and manage its elements with great expressive power. Through the UI it is possible to insert various types of boats, exhibition stands and numerous other elements. This is as well as being able to use and control them on several levels, changing, for example, the orientation, the shape, the colour and their general position on the map.

The software also allows you to create links to the map, using a WebApi service developed specifically for the purpose, thus ensuring a complete and extraordinarily interactive and dynamic user experience for the fair goers, who, through the online map, can find all the information they need.

Blue Star Software, thanks to its great attention to both the customer’s technical and user experience needs, has managed to overcome the double challenge of developing a software with excellent usability both for the organizers and, once converted into a map, for visitors to the fair. Placing themselves on the front line as an advisor, as a software and infrastructure designer, and finally, no less important, fully implementing the solution conceived.

For the success of such a multifaceted project, all-round knowledge in the field of information technology was critical, so as to be able to provide effective and targeted advising and a concrete implementation.