The project, consisting of a proof of concept for the implementation of new features for an MES software, was developed for the industrial automation sector.

The specifications provided for the POC required the development of a system fully compatible with the client’s MES system but also capable of being run as a stand-alone app on a tablet without network connection.

The case used as an example was that of a quality operator in an aerospace and defence industry. It had to be able to perform the same operations that can be performed via MES, in a hangar without connectivity to communicate the results, and then synchronize the operation performed with the MES itself upon returning to an area covered by the network.

The technological challenges faced, in addition to creating a web application that could work on an offline tablet (and therefore problems typical of the permanence of data making the most of the potential of the front end), were mainly in synchronizing the online return of the application, such as the data merge, and management of any conflicts to keep the MES database consistent.

The project was completed thanks to the excellent knowledge of the Siemens Unified Architecture Discrete Manufacturing (UADM) proprietary software, all the issues concerning the development of a web application in Javascript (with the AngularJS framework) and modern technologies for the construction of applications across platforms. (Cordova, Ionic).

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