The project developed in the world of chemical industries for the production of modern catalysts and includes the management of complicated chemical processes for the production of materials capable of absorbing the polluting parts in the mufflers.

The pilot project was developed for a plant in the USA, and was adopted and installed in a dozen worldwide plants by the final client.

The management of industrial processes is supported by the use of ERP, MES and industrial automation software, which have been configured and customized to operate in full efficiency in the context of problems specific to individual plants, reaching the goal of having an industrial management software that maximizes production and minimizes costs and times.

Blue Star Software, with its decades of experience in the world of industrial automation, has participated in the project with some developers and a technical contact, bringing the customer a wealth of irreplaceable skills, and supporting him at every stage, from the collection of specifications, to the implementation, testing and then the final release in the various plants.

For the success of the project an excellent knowledge of the Siemens OPERATION CENTER PR proprietary software and of the various software in the Siemens MOM portfolio is required, together with in-depth knowledge of C# programming and modern web technologies (Angular, Odata).